The Story Behind Discovering Heaven

"We came face to face with death, compounded by our limited understanding of God and the afterlife."
I suffered two sudden tragic family deaths in recent years. To put it lightly, life has never been the same since. While I sought out answers, I gravitated towards both what the Bible had to say combined with reading people's stories of near death experiences. What I found was that a lot of these stories interweave so beautifully together - and help paint a colourful picture of what Heaven is really like.

So many people, under very different circumstances, all at different times, had these experiences and were saying the same thing. Imagine, if Heaven is real, then this is one of the most important stories to tell. That's what motivated me to take time away from commercial work as a filmmaker to produce and direct a feature-length thought provoking documentary on these real life stories.

- Stephen Gray, Director

Meet The Production Team

Filmmaking is truly a team effort, and we have a really talented & collaborative one behind the vision for Discovering Heaven.
Stephen Gray
Director, Producer
Evan Bourcier
Director of Photography
Chris Radtke

Behind The Scenes

A few stills from behind the scenes during the on-set production of Discovering Heaven throughout Southern California.

Dale & Paula Black

Carlsbad, California
Evan Bourcier, Phillip Elgie
Oceanside, California
McClellan–Palomar Airport
Carlsbad, California
Evan Bourcier, Dale Black
Oceanside, California
Portal of the Folded Wings
Burbank, California
Flight to Heaven
Carlsbad, California

Watch The Trailer

Featuring Capt. Dale Black, author of bestselling book “Flight To Heaven". In 1969, Dale was the only survivor of an airplane crash in Burbank, California as covered by the LA Times.

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